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Harmony Forest Private Select Wine

Originally planted in 1999 with Merlot, the rising recognition of the Margaret River region for producing some of the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc motivated us to graft half of the vineyard over to this variety in 2006. The resulting fruit was of such outstanding quality that our contracted grape purchaser, Devil’s Lair Wines, created a label especially to showcase this delicious fruit. That label is “Dancing With The Devil” and resides in the Ultra-Premium market. Consequently 2010/11 season saw us grafting across the second half of the vineyard to Sauvignon Blanc.

During the dormant period after harvest you will observe sheep grazing in the vineyard. We were one of the first vineyards in Margaret River to introduce sheep as a means of weed control instead of chemical herbicides. As sheep are non-selective feeders they mow down all the winter growth and fertilise as they go. A real win/win for the health of the soil and the flavours of the grapes.

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