The Property

Harmony Forest is home to many different animal species and wildlife such as kangaroos, birds and possums. Feel free to walk around to spot them during your stay. Our forest is meant to be also very educational for families with children who love exploring the nature. 

So this is what you can find:

Western Ringtail Possum

Carnaby's black cockatoo: Also known as the short billed black cockatoo, is a large black cockatoo endemic to southwest Australia. Measuring 53-58cm in length. 

This cockatoo is listes as Endangered and the Red Tailed Black cockattoo is listed as a vulnerable specie under the EPBC Act 1999.

Red Tailed black cockatoo

Baudin's black cockatoo

Hairy Marron

Margaret River Burrowing Crayfish 

White Bellied Frog